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Tomatoes and Jazz with Heirloom Tomatoes from our Farm and the Don Olivet Quartet

We’ve developed a bit of a cult following for the heirloom tomatoes from our little farm in Los Gatos.  Each year we harvest up to 4,000 pounds of meticulously, organically grown, exotic heirloom tomatoes.  We turn them into simple, but exquisite dishes that showcase the quality of the ingredients and farming.  Our special tomato menu usually runs from mid-July through the end of October.  During the best part of the season - early August - each year, we host “The Don Olivet Quartet” and Girasole Imports for “Tomatoes and Jazz”.  It’s an event where you can experience ten unique heirloom tomato dishes, with 25 of the most tomato appropriate paired Italian wines, while enjoying some amazing live Jazz from a legendary local.  Click here to learn more about the Don Olivet quartet.

We've hosted this event at our Los Gatos location for years now - please join us for the inaugural event at our San Jose location!

Saturday, August 18th, 1 - 4PM, $75 per guest