Giro d'Italia 2019

Giro d'Italia 2019

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Ciao Amici!

So we all know the significance of March 17th, right? That’s right – it’s the date that Italy celebrates the anniversary of its Unification (aka The Risorgimento)! What, you thought an Italian-owned, wine-focused business would be referring to Irish saints, leprechauns and swigging green beer? Per favore! No, what many folks don’t know is that on this date, back in 1861, the Kingdom of Italy was proclaimed and it is this date that became recognized as the birthday of a united Italy. Granted, the Italians only make a big deal of it every 50 years, but WE feel it deserves annual recognition – and what better way to celebrate than by the hosting our annual Giro d’Italia wine tasting event?? We’ll be hosting the event on Saturday, March 16th from 1-4pm.

Once again, we have partnered with our good friends, Marc and Paula Levitt of Girasole Imports and Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant to put together a selection of some of the best wines the Boot has to offer! You like Prosecco? We got Prosecco! You like Barolo? We got Barolo! You like Chianti? We got Chianti! In fact, we’ll be pouring 75 wines, wines with broad regional diversity and in EVERY style imaginable. They’ll be wines you know and love as well as many wines that may not be as familiar to you, but that are just as delicious and worthy of your attention. They’ll be wines that will be perfect partners for your weekday meals and some that will make wonderful additions to your cellar. Most of these wines are made by family-owned, quality-driven producers whose passion and commitment shine through in the their wines and make them very special, regardless of price.

 Mark your calendars for Saturday March 16th! Full list will be released soon!

This will be a casual walk-up tasting; all seating will be first come-first served at communal tables. Full dining menu will be available.

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