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Want to become a recognized wine expert (or just look like one)?

Enoteca La Storia (Downtown) has teamed up with the San Francisco Wine School to offer a unique-to-the-South-Bay wine education curriculum of individual classes, workshops and tasting events ideal for booth enthusiasts and wine/beverage industry professionals alike.

A world-class wine scholar program based on Master Sommelier curriculum

Whether you’re looking to break out from behind the bar at your current job, or simply want to flex some serious wine-knowledge muscles at your favorite restaurant, Enoteca La Storia’s Spring 2019 San Francisco Wine School curriculum offers one of the industry’s most in-depth and reputable wine education experiences available today. With coursework designed by Master Sommelier David Glancy and classes led by an influential roster of key wine industry experts, both professional and enthusiast students alike now have the (geographically) convenient opportunity to attend world-class classes at Enoteca La Storia-Downtown San Jose.  

What to expect at a SFWS class

Expect your senses to come alive. You will not only take a deep dive in the theory of wine, but also learn the secrets of how to see, feel and taste like an insider. Each class is composed to provide anyone who drinks wine, works with wine or writes about wine a solid understanding of the 3 ‘W’s”: Wine growing, Wine making & Wine tasting…as taught by some the industry’s key players. Find out what you’ve been missing in every bottle you open and glass you drink.


Which curriculum is right for you?

(Click links to go directly to San Francisco Wine School’s website where you will find full class descriptions and can purchase your classes)

  • Somm Essentials: (Sundays 2/10 to 5/5) Available as a full series or as a la carte workshops. For those in the food & beverage industry and would like more direction, or even those who just want to learn more about wine, this educational series is a great place to start. Developed by Master Sommelier and Certified Wine Educator, David Glancy, this foundational program provides hands-on training and insight into the world of fine wines and spirits. Somm Essentials students will learn the essential professional techniques of blind wine tasting, food and wine pairing, and beverage service--perfect for those considering or preparing for beginning to intermediate level sommelier exams.

  • Intro to World Wine: (Wednesday 2/6) This is a perfect foundational class to begin your wine journey! Join us in unraveling the mysteries of the EU labeling scheme and compare it with the rest of the world. We will look for global patterns touring the world in a glass. Take in the highlights of France, Italy, and Spain, plus various New World regions. The tasting of 5-7 wines will focus on New World vs Old World and examples from various climates and grapes.

  • World Varietal Series: (Wednesdays 3/6 to 9/6) Available as a full series or as a la carte workshops. World Varietals Series explores key grape varieties that are grown in many different regions of the world.   Each class is dedicated to a different variety and discovering the differences and common threads between 5-6 same varietal wines from across the globe.  This series is eye opening for enthusiasts and a must for professionals and those studying for certification exams.

  • Wine with Style Series: (Wednesdays 10/2 to 12/11) Available as a full series or as a la carte workshops.Beyond all the different grape varieties and wine regions of the world, how a wine is made makes just as big an impact on what comes out of the bottle.  Our Wines with Style Series explores the very diverse production methods of sparkling, rosé, and fortified & dessert wines and examines how how those techniques may be perceived in your glass.  This series is eye opening for enthusiasts and a must for professionals and those studying for certification exams.

Enoteca La Storia Downtown San Jose
320 W Saint John St.
San Jose, CA 95110

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